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Embrace your Future with University Buddies

Your Life, Reimagined

Four College Students who Study Abroad

Where will your Education take you?

Studying abroad will change your life forever. It is an experience of a lifetime that shapes your future like no other experience can. In addition, this exposure gives you a competitive edge that paves the way for a successful career ahead. At University Buddies, we factor in your personality, preferences, family background, long-term life goals and also your budget to come up with program suggestions that best fit your dreams. 

Ireland Universities
Universities in Netherlands
Medical Intern. Studying to be a doctor
Italian Universities
Australian Universities
Barista at Work. Student Jobs
Canada Universities
Study in Spain
Indian College Students
Overseas Education in Sweden
Overseas Education in USA
Overseas Education in Switzerland
College Friends Hiking
UK Universities

Student Services

Supporting Your Success

Indian Scholarship Student

Education Counselling & University Admissions

Pointing you in the Right Direction

Our customized solutions will help you find universities, options & solutions best suited for you. We help you apply to short-listed universities, communicating on your behalf and helping you through the entire process.


We provide complete hand holding, if needed, carefully screening your application before posting it to the universities. You are in good hands!

Exam Assistance & Financial Aid

Embrace Life’s Challenges

Our team of trusted and experienced teachers ensure success in exams like IELTS, PTE, GRE, SAT & GMAT through small group online classes. Check with your counsellor for upcoming batches.

The cost involved is a critical factor when making higher education decisions. An educational loan, or a grant or scholarship from the institution of your choice can help ease the financial pressure.


We can help you receive financial aid suitable for your case. 

scholarship & student loans
Visa & Ticket assistance

Student Accommodation & Visa 

Step into your new life

We help you with both off-campus & on-campus accommodation options that best suit your budget. 

Alongside we guide you through the visa process, medicals, travel arrangements, insurance cover and forex, giving your study abroad experience a seamless, exciting & stress-free start!

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